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How to improve pronunciation in Portuguese?

In this video I will give you 7 powerful techniques for you to put into PRACTICE and improve your pronunciation in Brazilian Portuguese day after day, even if you consider that you do not have a good pronunciation.

The more you apply the better you will speak Portuguese.

Then learn how to have a better pronunciation in Portuguese:

HOW TO GET A BETTER PRONUNCIATION IN PORTUGUESE (no matter how bad you think you are)

Today you will learn 7 techniques to improve your pronunciation in Portuguese, no matter how bad you think it is. Vamos lá!

The first  technique to have a better pronuntiation is: plan what you are going to say before you speak.

If you know, for example, that you are going to a work meeting where you will need to use Portuguese, you can plan things that you will probably need to use in that meeting, so that you will spend less time thinking about what you need to say, you will just talk.
When you have no concerns other than speaking your pronunciation will be much better, because you will only be concerned with pronouncing correctly.

The second thing to pronounce Portuguese better is: speak to yourself in Portuguese.
When you’re at home, when you’re in the car, when you’re washing dishes, I don’t know, you can speak to yourself in Portuguese.

Then you can both narrate your routine and the things you are doing and you can also talk to yourself as if you were talking to your thoughts.

This helps because you will develop the habit of speaking Portuguese and when you need to speak in a real situation your pronunciation will be much better.

Another way to speak Portuguese better is: record what you speak in Portuguese!
I already recommended you to use “WhatsApp da Fluência” to record and send audios to yourself in Portuguese.

And when we record what we say, either with WhatsApp or with another application, when you do that you can listen later, identify errors and correct them. So your pronunciation will improve little by little.

Another thing to improve your Portuguese is to study pronunciation, phonetics. Learn how to pronounce the vowels, how to pronounce the letter “x” … Anyway, you can study several pronunciations in theory so that you have no doubts when speaking and speak with more confidence.
This will help you too !!

The next topic to help you with Portuguese is more of a tip than a technique.

Basically: Don’t worry about your accent!
A lot of people think it is not good to speak with an accent, that you need to eliminate your accent to speak Portuguese.

And this is actually not necessary. Everyone has an accent and your accent doesn’t get in the way. People will not understand you less just because you speak with an accent.

Quite the contrary: this is very charming and part of your identity.

The next point to get your Portuguese pronunciation to the next level is: notice the patterns in your own mistakes so that you can correct them.

This technique is complementary to the tip of recording your speech in Portuguese.

When you make these recordings you will be able to listen later and you will be able to correct frequent errors.

Those words that always leave you in doubt when speaking and that you never pronounce with confidence.

So when you identify these frequent mistakes, those words that you always make mistakes or that you can improve the way you pronounce them, this will allow you to improve little by little.

I’ll give you my personal example: I’m an English student and I have trouble pronouncing English’s past. When you have -ED at the end of the word … (workED, travelED)

This is a frequent mistake that I make. I often pronounce these wrong words or I don’t pronounce in a way that is understandable …

So when I recorded I speaking English I was able to identify this frequent error, pay more attention and work to improve it so I don’t make more. This greatly improved my pronunciation.

The seventh and final recommendation to pronounce better the Brazilian language is as follows:

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That was today’s points, I hope that after this content you will be able to communicate better and more naturally in Portuguese, improving your pronunciation day by day!

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