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Learn 7 techniques that will take you to fluency in Portuguese in less time.

There is no magic pill, but nevertheless you can optimize your learning by applying the techniques that I teach you in the video, so you can learn and never forget and be able to evolve more quickly:


How to learn Portuguese faster? How not to forget everything you learn and evolve faster?

That’s exactly what I will tal about today.

Fluency and proficiency do not come overnight, but it is possible to optimize the process.
And besides the famous “listen to the language every day” there are other techniques that are not so obvious that need to be taken into account.
Let’s see 7 techniques to learn faster.

Tips you help you with Portuguese

The first technique to speak Portuguese in less time seems obvious, but a lot of people don’t.
Here’s the thing: you need to learn Portuguese with things you like. When we like something it becomes much more pleasant to be in touch, so if you like music being in touch with music in Portuguese will improve your Portuguese and make you learn faster, besides giving you pleasure, after all you like music.

The second technique you will need to speak Portuguese is to have a notebook dedicated to that.
On this you need to make your notes, for example: every time you learn a new word, you write it down in your notebook and so you can keep track of the things you learn, you can write down new vocabularies , and when we write, even if we don’t check it later, our brain has a better chance of remembering that word or that phrase. Then have a notebook to write down vocabularies, phrases and new things you learn in Portuguese will help you a lot.

The third thing to learn how to speak Portuguese in a more effectively way is very important: have a goal!
“But I have a goal. My goal is to speak Portuguese” you would say…
Yes, but what do you want to learn Portuguese for? Do you want to live in Brazil? Do you want to get a Brazilian boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want to travel around the country? So you need to know clearly what your goals are with Portuguese. And connect with those goals.
For example: if you want to take a trip to Brazil, take a photo of a Brazilian place you want to visit and stick it in your room, leave it close to your things. And so you connect with that daily. You will see that image, you will remember your dream and your goal and you will always study Portuguese much more hard and you will learn faster!

The fourth thing to optimize the procces of learning Portuguese is the most important in my opinion: create your own immersion.
Well, when we are learning a new language it is important that we are in contact with that language as much as we can.
Then create your own ways to be immersed in the Portuguese language. If you are in Brazil, this will be much easier, you are already immersed in the truth (I hope so).

If you are not in Brazil, if you are in your country you can, for example, put your cell phone and electronic devices in Portuguese. So you will always have contact with the language and learn new words, you create your own forms of immersion.
An excellent tip that I tell all my students is to create “Whatsapp da Fluência”. Here in Brazil we use WhatsApp very, very seriously, Brazilians love it.

I think it’s the best known app in the country, and when people ask for someone’s phone number they usually say “Me passa seu zap?” (something like “Pass me your zap?”).

What is “Whatsapp da Fluência”?
Well, it’s a WhatsApp group with yourself, you create this group with a friend, a person, then you delete that person and you are alone in the group.

This is going to be your fluency group. That is, all the words you learn will be written down in your notebook, but you can also pronounce those words, because you also learn how to pronounce things.

Then send an audio to you in this WhatsApp group.
I don’t know if you have the habit of using this app a lot, but if it is an application that is part of your daily life, your daily life, I recommend a “Whatsapp da Fluência”.
Every time you learn a new phrase, or want to try to speak a different sound, or listen to something you like, record and keep it in your “Whatsapp da Fluência” and every week you will have progress, of the things you have studied , of the things you learned, for you to review and especially listen to.

Improve your listening and learn Portuguese with audios.

Every day you create a sentence in Portuguese and record it for you on “WhatsApp da Fluência”.
It is a way for you to speak, develop your speech and be able to follow its evolution.
The “WhatsApp da Fluência” also helps you with the previous tip, which is to create your own immersion. It is also a way for you to have contact with the language every day, even if it is a little.

The fifth tip also helps you to think in Portuguese. This is to think or narrate things in Portuguese. In the beginning, when we are starting to learn a language it is a little more difficult to think about that language. But then, little by little, this process becomes a little more natural, or a little faster, this translation that we do becomes faster.

In the beginning, this is still very difficult. Then you can use the narration technique.

You want to go to the bathroom, for example, you tell it in your head in Portuguese:

“Eu estou indo para o banheiro”

“Eu vou beber água”

“Eu to indo dormir”

“Eu estou escovando os dentes”

So you can narrate your everyday actions in Portuguese to yourself, it creates thoughts in Portuguese too.

The sixth technique to help your Portuguese to increase faster is: don’t focus on the exceptions. Imagine if every time you go to study an audio or a text in Portuguese you worry about every little exception. It will be very difficult to evolve like this.

The technique is not to focus on these exceptions in the beginning. For you to gain speed, for you to learn more things in less time you need to give up these exceptions, so it’s interesting that you study the general rules of the language and the things that are not exceptions, and then, little by little, you learn each exception and so you gain speed in the process and learn faster.

The seventh and final technique to learn Portuguese (or any other language) is very very very important: Believe in yourself!
What? Well, you need to believe that it is possible.
You need to believe that, yes, you can speak Portuguese, regardless of your nationality, regardless of your difficulty, regardless if you are frustrated, if you have tried but not still got it.

You need to believe that one day you will make it. When our brain focuses only on the problem and the difficulty, those problems and difficulties will become bigger so it is important that you focus on and believe in the positive.
Focus and believe that you are capable, and that way, our brain will pursue that goal.

These were the seven techniques for you to learn Portuguese faster!

Tell me in the comments which technique you will implement in your life today and which technique you already do, already practice and already see the results.


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