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How to practice Portuguese alone?

How to improve my Portuguese if I don’t have anyone to practice with?

In this video I will teach you a very simple technique for you to practice your Portuguese on your own and have evolution, regardless of your level.

With this technique you will improve the speech rate, your repertoire (vocabulary) and you will not forget what you have studied, because you will always be able to practice.

You will see that this technique is very simple but also very powerful to enhance your results.

You will be able to improve the way you speak Portuguese without even having anyone to practice.

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Practicing and evolving alone can be a great challenge, but it is possible!

For this you will follow the steps below:

You will take a phrase that you have already learned.

It doesn’t matter much the level, it can be basic, intermediate or advanced.

You will choose this sentence and try to modify some elements.

So that you can say other things from the same sentence. For example:

Meu nome éJoão“, you can transform it into “Seu nome é João“.

You are already speaking a new phrase, you are already practicing using another words and improving your communicative ability

You can do this only in your mind, or you can also speak it out loud the phrases that you will modify.

Another example: “Ela mora no Brasil.”

Let’s change it to “Ela mora no Brasil há dois anos

By now, you can modify the verb conjugation:

Eu moro no Brasil.

Eu moro no Brasil com os meus amigos.

So, from the same phrase, you are able to create a lot of new phrases.

This helps you to practice a lot and evolve even if you are alone.

Basically, the technique consists of modifying some words or elements of the sentence.

So that you can communicate other things.

This will enable you to practice a lot, learn so many vocabularies and never forget the things you’ve already studied.

All of this without changing the main structure.

So, if you’ve already learned a conjugation, a verb, just a sentence in Portuguese, if you are a complete  beginner, you will be able to apply it and see good results.

Because from the first modification of the first word you will be saying something completely different.

If you are intermediate or advanced, you must adapt this technique to your level, and a very cool thing to do is to change the verb tense of the sentence.

So, if you said a phrase in the past, you can try to change that phrase to talk about other times in the future, the present, the hypotheses, anyway.

For example: “Eu conheci essa cidade há duas semanas.”

You can change to “Eu vou conhecer essa cidade no ano que vem.”

Another example: “No Ano Novo, eu visitei a minha família.”

No próximo Ano Novo, eu espero visitar minha família novamente.”

So, that was today’s tip.

Tell me in the comments if you have already applied this technique, if you have had results and what you think of it.

Also, tell me what you do to practice Portuguese when you have no one to practice with.

See you next time, bye!


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