How to earn more speaking Portuguese

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Today I’m going to tell you how you can do more speaking Portuguese.

Yes, in addition to the personal benefits of enabling travel and knowledge of other cultures, speaking Portuguese can also enhance your career.

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Here you will find:

  • Tips for those who work in a company and can charge more for their jobs speaking Portuguese
  • Tips for anyone who undertakes or thinks about starting a company and enjoy the opportunies the Brazilian market can bring
  • Tips for or anyone who wants to travel and live in Brazil.
  • For those who want to stay in their country, but work in relationship with the Brazilian market.

There is an opportunity that you may not be seeing

The world is increasingly globalized and even if english is important worldwide, there are nations that have huge internal (national) markets, where english is not the most important.

Brazil is like that. Approximately 5% of the Brazilian population speaks English and only 1% considers themselves fluent, so anyone who wants to work in the Brazilian market needs to take this into account.

What opportunities you can face in Brazil:

Learning Portuguese language is an investment professional and personal too.

Why? Because Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world, the number of Portuguese speakers as their first language is more than 254 million, and there is much more people that learned Portuguese as a second or third language.

Brazilian market is the 8th in the world, an expanding economy, because of this, Brazil is a big player in international business, so learning Portuguese might give you an advantage in the business world.

There are also many opportunities for foreigners to work here!

There are any opportunities for entrepreneurs, you can put your company homebased in Brazil for quality of life or for selling to the Brazilian market.

There are also opportunity for teachers of other languages ​​(English, German, French …) both to work in your country, remotely, and to live in Brazil and work teaching your language in schools or open your own school (remember that only 5% of Brazilians speak English and an even lower percentage speak a third language).

We also can see an opportunity for those who work with Brazilians who are outside Brazil (or other Portuguese-speaking nationalities).

Areas such as customer service, sales, technology and communication have a high demand for professionals who speak Portuguese, precisely because they glimpse the Brazilian market.

The possibilities are not restricted only to Brazil, the country contains the largest number of Portuguese speakers in the world, however there are 8 other nations that have the language as official, so you have opportunities on 4 continents (but we can consider 5 because you have Portuguese speakers in everywhere).


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You can charge more as a profesional

People think they need to speak very well to say that they speak Portuguese, but in fact if you understand enough in basic service and communication you already brings beneficial results for any company, and consequently you can already be a better paid person.

Professionals bilingual or who speak other languages ​​are naturally more valued, however you should emphasize this and show the results and opportunities that Portuguese provides to the company you work for.

If you are not comfortable saying that you speak Portuguese in your company, or if it is not recognized yet as a differential, you can start with small actions showing how your Portuguese makes a difference to Brazilian customers and the opportunities that this brings.

You can also look for multinational companies that operate in the Brazilian market, or even for small companies that have an interest in international expansion or areas that would interest Brazil.

I could give you here many suggestions of big companies and international groups based in Brazil, but more important than mentioning big companies and large groups is to give you the vision to think outside the box, to think in a big way in relation to the search for opportunities.

Remember that Brazil is a country in expansion and development, so think about services and products that exist in your country but that are still new here, this is how opportunities are created.

An example of that ir the Chama App: a Dutchman was traveling in Brazil and saw the opportunity to create a start up and solve a national gas distribution problem (you had to ask for the gas and wait for a truck to deliver a cylinder to your house, and now you can do this through an application in some Brazilian cities).

How to save money speaking Portuguese

In addition to the possibility of earning more you still have returns in forms of financial savings.

Speaking Portuguese also results in greater savings and well-being in travel, both to Brazil and other countries, because you can negotiate directly with natives, and use services that Brazilians use and not services for tourists, which are usually more expensive.


All the investment you make in a course or in Portuguese classes comes back to you in a few months in the form of personal satisfaction, fulfillment of dreams and travel and also professionally speaking.

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