How to better understand Portuguese

Olá, Dani here

Many students report this same difficulty to me:

They have problem understanding Portuguese when they listen. 👂

They even understand reading and understand grammar, but when they listen, it’s like something totally foreign to them…

​Do you fell the same?

It’s a common problem…

​Specific studies are needed to train the ear to understand Portuguese … studying grammar is not enough.

And this week’s class will be to help you with that.

In this class I teach you how to improve your comprehension in Portuguese.

Learn how to improve your understanding of Brazilian Portuguese and understand when a native speaks to you.

And it will not be a class with only tips like “listen to podcast every day” … It will be a class with PRACTICAL exercises on how to understand when you listen in Portuguese.

Comprehensive listening activities:

Download the materials recommended in class for free to practice listening with original audio in Portuguese.

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See you next time,


Daniele Lima

Oi, I’m Dani, I am a native of Brazil and I teach Brazilian Portuguese to students from all over the world. Here at Brazilianing, we believe that learning Portuguese doesn't have to be difficult. Let's speak Portuguese together?