Service Agreement and Terms of Use

CONTRACTOR: BRAZILIANING, a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ under no. 37.226.880/0001-29, with address at Avenida Marcos Paulo Gonçalves, 1139, Vila Nova Bonsucesso, Guarulhos, CEP: 07175-120, website:

The “CONTRACTOR/STUDENT” and/or “USER”, adhering to these general terms and conditions for the provision of educational services, duly identified in the registration application made through one of the payment platforms used by the contractor.


The times, dates and duration of the classes will be established and previously disclosed to the student, and there may be later changes or cancellations by the service provider. In this case, rescheduling or replacements will be made on days and times when the provider is available.

Only in the case of private lessons is there the possibility of canceling the lesson taken by the student, with the right to replace it, provided that at least 24 hours’ notice is given in advance. In this case, the choice of a new date and time is made according to the availability of the service provider.

The cancellation of private lessons with a period of less than 24 hours does not guarantee the contracting party the right to reschedule, replace or return values, even claiming reasons of any nature.

For hiring private lessons, the student is aware that their days and times are fixed and reserved at the time of hiring, and can only be changed with the consent of the provider and if he has the desired availability.

It is the responsibility of the student who hires private lessons to notify at least 30 days in advance if he/she withdraws from the contracted service. Failure to comply with this agreement is subject to a fine.

All classes will be taught remotely, online, through video call software. The form of access is made available to the student and it is his responsibility to keep this access.

The provider reserves the right to change the system, software or class platform without prior notice, provided that the new resources allow similar or full performance of the contracted service.

The provider is not responsible for any problems resulting from the interruption of the services of the contracting student’s internet access provider, nor for the interruption of services in cases of lack of electricity supply, failures in transmission systems or routing in internet access. , incompatibility of the users’ systems with those of the access provider or any other action that prevents the provision of the service.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend their classes at the indicated times and days. Non-attendance by the student does not guarantee rescheduling, future replacements or refund of amounts paid.

The student is responsible for providing a suitable environment for classes, treating the service provider and other students present with due respect.

The student undertakes to respect institutional environments such as online classrooms, digital communities and interaction groups in messaging applications, not having behavior that lacks respect for their teachers and colleagues and not posting or disseminating offensive content of any nature in these environments , such as racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, body size, disability or nationality discrimination.

The student, when contracting programs with group classes, accepts that he will share the class time with the other contracting parties and will respect the time of participation of all, not extrapolating the directions of the teacher.

It is the student’s responsibility to carry out the activities proposed by the teacher, aware that their result comes from this.

The provider undertakes to offer the method promised at the time of contracting, not being responsible for results that are not consistent with the student’s expectations.

Access to the class platform is for personal use and non-transferable. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure access to the platform, not sharing this access with third parties. It is also the responsibility of the student never to share, disclose or sell the classes or materials provided by the provider, under penalty of legal sanctions.


There will be no return of amounts after the period of repentance stipulated in article 49, in the sole paragraph, of the Consumer Law Code. Values referring to lesson packages not used by the student, for reasons of any nature, will also not be refunded.

The contracting student undertakes to make payments for the contracted period, according to the conditions disclosed. The non-attendance of the student in classes does not exempt him from payments to the service provider.

The provider reserves the right to stop offering the contracted service in case of default or late payment by the student.

The values of contracted services may be readjusted at any time. These will be notified by the provider company 30 days in advance.

The days on which holidays and commemorative dates occur in the service provider’s place of origin, provided that they are provided for and published in the class calendar, may have their activities suspended. These periods without classes do not oblige the provider to replace that service or to return or reduce the pre-established values at the time of contracting.

In addition to what is established, the provider company reserves the right to take vacations, informing the student 30 days in advance, in case of contracting private lessons. This period without classes does not oblige the student to maintain payments, however it does not guarantee the return of previously contracted packages. In this case, the provider undertakes to carry out the contracted service on a date after the rest period.


The student authorizes the company Brazilianing, in a DEFINITIVE CHARACTER (for an indefinite period) and FREE of charge (without any charge), to use his image, voice sound and name for the exclusive purposes of dissemination and exhibition, reproducing or disclosing it, without distinction of the media used or means of communication, public or private, renouncing copyright or related rights of its image.

All classes are recorded and posted on the Brazilianing platform, so that other students can have access to the recordings, even if they have not necessarily attended these classes.

Class recordings can be used, in part or in full, in commercial promotional materials, so that the student is aware and authorizes the commercial use of his image, voice sound and name for an indefinite period and free of charge.

The effects of the assignment of image, voice and name will be interrupted from the termination of the contract with Brazilianing, except in relation to the materials already captured, produced and published by the service provider from the acceptance (click on the accepted button) of this instrument until the date of its termination, which assignment will be in force definitively and free of charge.


The contracting student agrees that the Brazilianing company may collect and retain information about him, including his name, telephone, address and e-mail.

The Brazilianing company maintains contracts with companies and individuals to perform specific functions on its behalf, such as correspondence with the student through electronic mail, physical correspondence, telephone contact, messages, data analysis, use for commercial purposes and providing customer service to the client.

When registering for this course, the contracting student is aware and confirms that this contract is formalized, binding the parties, which will be done by clicking the ACCEPT button, and/or completing the registration.

The district court of Guarulhos/SP is elected, to resolve any doubts arising from this contract, expressly waiving any other, however privileged it may be.