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Speak Portuguese with more confidence and repertoire

Minimum level to participate: pre-intermediate A2

Follow-up with a Native Teacher

For you to practice, receive feedback and know where you need to improve

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Everything to expand your repertoire and confidence in the language. The goal is to advance your fluency.

Fun and Realistic Lessons

You will focus on what you use on a daily basis and how native speakers actually speak.

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What are classes like?

Every week, we have meetings in virtual rooms. We will see each other and talk for real, as in a face-to-face course. We will speak in Portuguese about topics that are relevant to you.

Your teacher guide, give valuable tips to improve pronunciation, show you the best vocabularies for each subject and teach expressions used by the natives.

15 days warranty – You have the right to test and only stay if you are satisfied

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“I understand  Portuguese but I can’t speak “

Thousands of people start to study Brazilian Portuguese through books or apps, but when they need to communicate effectively they block.

What they study does not correspond to what they can talk and communicate.

Understanding Portuguese is part of the path to fluency. But it is not the only one.

You need to develop the most important thing: your speaking!

That’s why Português na Rotina prepares you to express yourself in real life.

⚠️This is not ONLY a recorded course

In most online courses, you just watch a recorded screen and have no interaction or anyone to direct you.

The experience here is completely different

The methodology has a fundamental principle: speaking another language is the ability to communicate with people in another language. There is no way to express yourself well without practicing interacting with real people. That’s why so many people study for years and years, but when it comes to speaking, they get stuck.

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As soon as you purchase you receive access to your Members Area in your email. You also receive the links and schedule for your Live classes.

We will have classes at pre-scheduled times to have real interactions. You will receive a calendar with the timetable for all classes. Classes will take place through the Google Meet platform.

We will be together in Live Lessons for 12 weeks. But you have access to the Members Area with materials and recordings for 1 year.

From pre-intermediate level onwards! Minimum required: A2

Sure! You have 15 days warrantyYou can join the Program, participate in  Live Classes, access our Platform and if you don’t like it, you get your investment back. Only those who are satisfied continue!

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Your Teacher

I’m Daniele Lima, a native teacher of Brazilian Portuguese. As a teacher and student of foreign languages, I know that the greatest difficulty for those who want to speak a language is not so much to understand it, but to be able to actually speak, relate to people, solve real life problems, without feeling stuck, robotic, or displaced. So, I developed a different method from the traditional ones: I brought to the classroom experience the focus on unlocking speech with conversation since the beginning of the journey.

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