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Understand the natives speaking Portuguese

What is this?

This is a Premium Audio Program that will help you understand Brazilian Portuguese better, even when native speakers speak fast.

You will also learn more about Brazil, Brazilian culture, increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.
It’s the most accessible and quickest way to improve your Portuguese, have extra support in your studies and have access to authentic and organized materials to guide you.

Please, understand: there is no magic pill for fluency!

This Challenge is NOT for someone who wants to become fluent in Portuguese overnight.
The objective of this Challenge is to make you have contact with the Portuguese more and more, until it sounds natural to you.
Although it’s true that 5 minutes some days a week of focused effort you can improve your fluency, we don’t mean just one day. Improvements come with consistent effort over time.

How it works:

You receive more than 50 Premium audios in Portuguese with Native Pronunciation + PDFs with the transcription, vocabulary study and translation to check your comprehension.
Allow yourself dedicate time for each audio to keep the habit of listening to Portuguese and have contact with Brazil.
⬇️ Download everything and keep with you forever!

It is for you if:

This is for students who already study Portuguese and want to improve listening, comprehension and, consequently, pronunciation of Portuguese, in addition to expanding vocabulary and knowledge in the language.
If you are an intermediate (B1 minimum)

The challenge will leverage your evolution, providing you with good pronunciation and intonation, in addition to increased vocabulary

If you are an advanced:

The challenge will allow you to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of expressions, in addition to keeping you in touch with the language and cultural points

What you get?

38 audios in Portuguese with Native Pronunciation
19 Extra audio talking exclusively about Cultural Points
PDF of each audio with transcription, vocabulary study and translation, to study and check your level of understanding
Access to all audios and PDF's organized to download and consult whenever you want
Support questions and assistance by email
Student Community - students from over 10 different countries

What you will receive:

• 38 Audios in Portuguese  
• Downloadable PDF materials
• 19 Extra Audios about Brazilian Culture 
• Access to all materials organized
• Support by Email

• Access to the Student Community


For only:

$59 USD

single payment

100% SAFE

15 days warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately, as soon as you join, you access all Audios and PDF’s.

 Access to the Members Area: 1 year. But you can Download all materials and keep with you forever.

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Sure! You have 15 days warranty. If you don’t like it you can tell me and I will return your money.

If you still have any questions, write to hi@brazilianing.com or contact me on  WhatsApp here.

Your Teacher

I’m Daniele Lima, a native teacher of Brazilian Portuguese. As a teacher and student of foreign languages, I know that the greatest difficulty for those who want to speak a language is not so much to understand it, but to be able to actually speak, relate to people, solve real life problems, without feeling stuck, robotic, or displaced. So, I developed a different method from the traditional ones: I brought to the classroom experience the focus on unlocking speech with conversation since the beginning of the journey.

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