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Complete Ebook related to episodes Unit 1 through Unit 6:

Feel more prepared to communicate in Portuguese in your next trip​

Brazilian Portuguese for Travel is a complete manual to learn Brazilian Portuguese for your next trip to Brazil or to enrich the knowledge you already have.

If you are interested in traveling to Brazil in the near future, you need this manual.

In addition, this ebook will teach you about how to sound familiar and friendly in Brazil, how to communicate well with the natives and enjoy even more the rich Brazilian culture.

Your pocketbook for consultation and learning. It is perfect for those who want to learn specific things for travel.

dialogues with real interactions

Models of structures that allow you to create your own phrases in your contexts and needs.

Specially for Travel​

Focused on what you really need to learn to communicate with confidence, besides the contextualized and updated vocabulary​.

Audio Included

You get access to the audio of the entire books, all spoken by a native. Learn how to pronounce phrases and words.

A real pocket guide

This manual is completely contextualized, in it you can find the Brazilian Portuguese as it is really spoken, without spending a lot of time on grammatical points, going straight to what you really need to communicate whan traveling to Brazil.

The Ebook contains 6 complete units

Separated by objective and contexts that you probably will find while traveling. 

You will learn vocabulary and interactions based on the contexts below:




guarantee yours

And be closer to your goal of communicating well traveling to Brazil

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$9,90 USD

single payment

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Are you moved by experiences?

So this Ebook is recommended to you!
It was written by a native teacher and is recommended for all levels, from complete beginners to those who have already studied a little Portuguese but want to improve the accuracy of communication on trips.

Invest in your experiences and be prepared for them, as they are the most rewarding thing there is. 

Traveling takes us out of our world and transforms us.

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Don’t miss the chance to purchase such a complete and easy-to-read book for your next trip:

Your Teacher

I’m Daniele Lima, a native teacher of Brazilian Portuguese. As a teacher and student of foreign languages, I know that the greatest difficulty for those who want to speak a language is not so much to understand it, but to be able to actually speak, relate to people, solve real life problems, without feeling stuck, robotic, or displaced. So, I developed a different method from the traditional ones: I brought to the classroom experience the focus on unlocking speech with conversation since the beginning of the journey.

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