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Learn the real life Portuguese to become a Portuguese Speaker in 6 months!

A Course for SPEAKING PORTUGUESE and Really Develop Fluency!
  • Even if you don’t have much time to study
  • Even if you’ve never studied anything before
  • Even if you already study but wanna speak with more confidence

What is this course?

It is aimed at those who want to learn to speak Portuguese in real life, that is, how Brazilians really speak.

Recorded Course to study whenever you want + Downloadable Material

You will have access to recorded classes explaining all the functioning of the Portuguese language so you can learn all the structure you need to give you confidence when speaking. In addition, you access PDF content and exercises for download.

Live Speaking Classes Twice a Week

Unlimited Access for 6 months to Live Speaking Practice Classes, Close monitoring of a Native Teacher to Develop your Speech!

Student Community - For Interaction and Exchange of Experiences

Who goes accompanied goes further! A group of students who have the same goals and dreams! We will be able to chat, practice and exchange experiences, tips and more!

Closely Support

Take all your doubts out of class with the convenience of Email or WhatsApp.

It is for you that:

want to go in your time, have the freedom and flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want
is starting from zero and doesn't know any Portuguese
know some Portuguese, but you still feel like you need more confidence to unlock speech
who have studied alone for a while but wanna have a close monitoring to make sure you are doing well

Check out everything you will learn

Even if you’re starting from zero, I’ll take your hand and let’s do this walk together!

There are over 60 classes divided into 6 modules for you to develop everything you need to speak Portuguese and become a Portuguese Speaker.

The modules are released little by little so you can follow everything and not skip steps.


We will learn to express health care and shopping habits. We will have classes on:

  • Express physical sensations and feelings
  • Communicate goals
  • Express orders and advice
  • Understand the weather forecast
  • Talk about consumption habits


 In this module we will talk about travel and places! You will learn:

  • Make and understand travel description
  • Give addresses and locations
  • Indicate and understand direction


 Let’s talk about our daily life and activities. We will study:

  • Activity under development
  • Ask and tell the time
  • Talk about sports habits and practices
  • Make, accept and decline appointments
  • Request information
  • Express needs


 Here we will learn to talk about our origins. We will see:

  • Talk about your family
  • Describe kinship relationships
  • Express ownership
  • Talking about the past


 In this module you will learn everything about restaurants and foods:

  • Place orders at a restaurant
  • Express your opinion
  • Needs and tastes
  • Talk about dishes and types of food


 In this module you will learn how to talk about consumption and health habits:

  • Express physical sensations
  • Express orders or advice
  • Talk about consumption habits
  • Understand and describe time

Exclusive Bonuses

Live Speaking Classes Twice a Week

Unlimited Access for 6 months to Live Speaking Practice Classes, Close monitoring of a Native Teacher to Develop your Speech!

Special Guide – Portuguese for Travel

A Complete Audio and Text Guide to help you on your next trip to Brazil. All the Vocabularies you need for Travel Contexts.

Mini- Course Travel to Brazil

To take a Tour of Brazil, immerse yourself in Brazilian culture and discover the best places to travel

Unlock Language Learning

Powerful Content related to Mindset that will help you to Unlock Language Learning. All the Power you need is in your mind, you just need to learn to use it

🤩 Podcurso – Real Dialogues in Audio

A Weekly Audio Course to practice and improve faster your pronunciation and comprehension of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese

What you will receive:

• Complete Course – Recorded Classes to study in your time
• Downloadable PDF: Audios, Materials and Exercises
• Live Speaking Classes Twice a Week
• Access to our Student Community
• Support by Email and WhatsApp
• 4 Exclusive Bonuses

100% SAFE

Course with 15 day warranty

You have 15 days to start attending the course and classes and if you don’t like it just let me know that I return your investment.

What my students say:

Modern Platform to Access the Course

It’s for you if

  • You want to have lots of opportunities to practice
  • You want to learn from complete zero
  • You have already studied Portuguese but want to review and practice
  • You want a methodology that follows a logical order of learning
  • You want to have access to the content in a manner guided by a teacher
  • You want to have access directly to a native teacher

It isn’t for you if

  • You don't like courses with a lot of interaction and opportunity to speak
  • You are an advanced Portuguese student

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 100% online. As soon as you purchase you receive access in your email and can study where and when you want, in your time.

We will have classes at pre-scheduled times to study the recorded contents of the modules. You will receive a calendar with the timetable for all classes. Classes will take place through the Zoom platform.

The course will be available on the platform for you for 2 years.

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

You are given access to the course immediately in your email.

Sure! You have 15 days warranty. If you don’t like it you can tell me and I will return your money.

If you still have any questions regarding the course, contact me here.

Oi, I’m Dani, Brazilian Portuguese teacher and I believe that learning Portuguese goes far beyond grammatical structures. In addition, learning a language gives us a new way of being and seeing the world.

Explore unique experiences in Brazil 🇧🇷 through Portuguese Language.

Let’s go together?

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